Dolly Rebecca Parton turns 75 on January 19, 2021. 


Limp Wrist will celebrate Dolly's birthday with a tribute issue.  Limp Wrist seeks submissions of poems that are dedicated to Dolly or inspired by Dolly, whether it be her music, movies, or philanthropic endeavors. 

Limp Wrist editor Dustin Brookshire will co-edit this special issue with poet Julie E. Bloemeke. (Pictured Left on desktop view & below on mobile view: Dustin & Julie at Dolly's 2011 Better Day GA tour stop.)  The co-editors want your Dolly best, poems that have a clear link to the legend and basically the only angel to walk this planet-- that is Dolly Parton.

Submissions for the Dolly tribute issue will be accepted via email through 12/15/20.  Please follow the guidelines listed on the Join the Agenda page. The Dolly issue will be published on 1/19/21.



Please note that Limp Wrist, including this tribute issue, have any official connection with Dolly Parton or her companies nor any endorsements from either.