Questions from the Insomniac’s Playbook

What would a caseworker think of the neat, sculptural
pile of toenail and bitten-off fingernail clippings
on the corner of the desk? Does the rule of three apply
to the stickup at the credit union, the collision

at the intersection of Andrews Avenue and Cypress
Creek Road and the driver’s side window that came
off the track? Is there any significance to the homoerotic
dreams about Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch?

Now that you know what a “golden birthday” is, can you
ever forgive your mother for giving birth to you on June
2nd? When is a Pride parade not a Pride parade? Are you
safe? Is anyone? How long can you hold a grudge? What is

Mitch McConnell hiding in his military records? His chin?
His neck? Will anybody notice the causal slide in personal
hygiene if you are self-quarantined? Is the Christian right?
Can a dog be an insomniac? Don’t ask Coco.


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Pronouns: He/His

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Gregg Shapiro

Questions from the Insomniac’s Playbook