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Limp Wrist initially launched the summer of 2008 and ran for two issues publishing poetry, short stories, and interviews. The initial run included work by Denise Duhamel, Brent Goodman, Paul Lisicky, David Trinidad, Dara Wier, Cecilia Woloch and others. In its short time, Limp Wrist partnered with Factory Hollow Press to establish the Limp Wrist Scholarship that was awarded to a high school senior who identified as part of the LGBTQ community. The scholarship enabled the recipient to attend, at no cost, the 2009 Juniper Institute for Young Writers.

Welcome to the resurrection of Limp Wrist!

Limp Wrist is back as a biannual online poetry journal. It's a journal with queer sensibility promoting LGBTQ poets, non-binary poets, and their allies by publishing their poems, interviews with them, and reviews of their books.

Not an ally to the LGBTQ  & non-binary communities?  Damn. That's a poor life decision. Also, listen to this message.