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Sometimes I wonder what it might feel like

to live just outside town

in a house where folks keep night up too late

and I’d write you a song

and lay out our lives in chorus and verse—

call up our living in a simple way.

But I’ve never picked up a guitar. Never felt

its smooth neck in my arms

or felt the tension go out of its strings like t

he slow chill of a summer’s end.

I’ve heard it’s having a revival resting

on its wide river and it’s time to go.

Sometimes, I think how it might be to buy

that spot out of town with the money

I saved—anyone could stay the night.
And you’d look over one night like Dolly’s

song I sing inside, imagining I wrote it
for you,​ take me back to where we started from.


Jeffrey Perkins

Pronouns: He/Him

1 Poem



Jeffrey Perkins (he/his) received his MFA from Bennington College and his poems have been published in Memorious​, ​The Massachusetts Review,​ ​The Southampton Review,​ ​The Cortland Review,​ Mid-American Review,​ and ​The Adroit Journal​, among other journals. His first book of poems, Kingdom,​ was released in 2020 from Spork Press. He was a 2019 Artist-in-Residence at the Watermill Center and lives in Los Angeles

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